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Little Steps® training aims to empower healthcare professionals with insight and skills to facilitate the individualisation of care to the preterm infant and move towards holistic, family-focussed care, instead of technology focussed care.  It also encourages parental participation through de-medicalisation of the neonatal intensive care (NICU) environment for families, helping parents to get to know their babies and to provide care to them1.  Little Steps® training is in line with the WHO guidelines of “essential newborn care”2 and supports the suggestion made by the Paediatric Neonatal Workgroup in 2003 that neurodevelopmental services need more dedicated attention and that this will contribute to the improved developmental outcome of premature infants3.   

Little Steps® training is based on a multi-disciplinary approach, taking aspects from different health disciplines into account. Training is presented in collaboration with the North-West University (Potchefstroom campus) and is CPD accredited with the South African Medical Association (SAMA).  Training is currently available on two different levels: The 4-day Neurodevelopmental supportive care (NDSC) of the preterm infant and 1-day Premmie Parenting Consultant Training.  The NDSC training is aimed at all healthcare professionals working with preterm infants and their parents, primarily while still admitted to the hospital, while the consultant training is more aimed at professionals with an interest in supporting parents of preterm infants and providing workshops to them to empower parents to take back their parenting role.


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All healthcare professionals in the field of prematurity are welcome to apply for enrolment into the courses presented by Little Steps®. Courses are available as per calendar or special requests are considered for hospitals or groups.

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