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Premmie Stimulation

Stimulating a preterm infant is always a hot topic. The question is not how to stimulate, but rather when?

The whole environment offers stimulation for these little persons: sound, touch, light, smell and movement, so even the linen the preterm baby lies on acts as a ‘stimulator’. It is important to provide interaction activities as described earlier in the section ‘ready to interact’. Baby massage is usually seen as very beneficial, but may also be very over stimulating for the premmie. We therefore suggest that baby stimulation as we traditionally know it is not provided before the infant is 36 weeks gestational age.

Dr Rosemary White-Traut developed a program known as the ATVV program: Auditory, Tactile, Vestibular and Vision. You can download the document here.

Dr Welma Lubbe shares on how the womb environment guides us on what stimulation will be best for baby after birth

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