The guidelines in this website will help you to interpret your preterm baby’s unique premmie language, support parent-infant bonding and attachment processes and return the parenting role to you, the parents of the preterm baby(s).  It will further provide you with ‘take-home’ messages and tips for families and friends on how to support the premmie family. This website does not attempt to replace the doctors, nurses and therapists who are looking after your baby, but to help you to get to know your baby better and get involved in his or her care.  This should help you being less afraid and more prepared when taking your preterm baby home and also enable you to care for yourself.

For more detailed information it is recommended that you also read ‘Prematurity – Adjusting your Dream’ by Welma Lubbe.

For the sake of simplicity, all babies will be referred to as her/she. This however does not exclude baby boys; they are just as important.

*premmies are also referred to as preterm infants, preterm baby premature infants and preemies


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