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Winny Preterm Nappies
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The Winny preterm nappies, supplied by Special Needs Supplies (Pty) Ltd, is a great product for preterm infants below 2kg. It addresses the developmental needs of the developing baby to prevent long-term complications.

This nappy is made of a soft, cloth-like material which will minimise injury to the fragile preterm skin.

It has a wetness indicator which contributes to minimising unnecessary handling, especially in smaller preterm infants, but at the same time warns the caregiver that a change is needed to prevent skin breakdown and cooling (hypothermia) as a result of prolonged wetness. The nappy can absorb up to 70 ml of fluid.

This nappy further has a double stitching to allow for a good fit and expandable Velcro strap. This feature allows for resealing of the nappy if it had to be opened for any reason, but also a comfortable, snug fit when the tummy expands and shrinks after a feed. In addition the nappy has a cut-out area to allow room for the umbilical cord outside the nappy.

The nappy has a small diameter of 50mm between the legs, which allows for the infant to keep its knees together and legs slightly curled up; an important consideration to support normal muscle development and self-regulatory behaviour.

In addition this product has a unique NAPPI code, making billing in-hospital easy and economical. It comes in 32 piece packaging. This nappy is suitable for preterm infants below 2kg and is one of the few that is developmentally appropriate for these fragile infants. 

To order these nappies:

Hospitals can either order through UPD as Special Needs Supplies Pty (Ltd) are listed with them.  Hospital can also order directly from Special Needs Supplies Pty (Ltd) 

Parents should be able to get the product from the hospital pharmacy or they can order directly from Special Needs Supplies Pty )Ltd) as well.


Company details

Special Needs Supplies Pty Ltd,

297 Zasm st, Watloo


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Dian Lamont


Abi Mohale



Premature Pacifiers

Support Feeding Development

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  1. Non-nutritive sucking provides benefits for preterm infants such as physiological stability, a shorter hospital stay, increased oral feeding success and decreased risk for SIDS. Soft silicone pacifiers with large area around the mouth to facilitate hand to mouth as well as stimulate the area around the mouth while sucking.
  2. Read our article on choosing the correct pacifier for your premature baby here

Little Steps no longer stocks premature pacifiers, but we gladly provide you with the information of Little Monkeys Clinic who stock premature pacifiers on our behalf.

To order premature pacifiers, please visit or email them

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